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I took the first one just before dinner Friday night at 7:30 and after dinner played with my wife. by 8:15 I had a raging hard-on easier then I've ever experienced in the last 10 years. The sensitivity was greater and there was no pain or other sensation that lead me to believe I was using medicine. I came quicker then I have in years and the erection diminished naturally after that. Within the next half hour of more playing, I was hard again. This is a miracle to me. The effects lasted about 3 hours with me achieving and maintaining an erection when I needed to as I expected a normal person would. Knowing that I have physical impotence and that this is not a normal reaction for me, I was very pleased. The downside was that I got sick to my stomach after each orgasm. I had a slight headache and diarrhea the next day. These are documented side effects of the drug. Sunday I used it again but this time on an empty stomach between meals. My stomach upset was gone but I did experience heartburn all Sunday night. The penis effects were about the same. - BillyB (c) 2015